Lost Kitchen

imageOnce upon a time a non restaurant and a non hotel meet up at Lost Kitchen… A cozy space where anyone can feel at home.

Lost Lisbon (a community of houses, internationally known for their luxurious Art of hosting), fed up of the commercial side of both restaurants and hotels, welcomes Lost Kitchen enthusiastically, with the hope that dining out will no longer mean losing your home comfort and cosiness, eating the home-made traditional Portuguese food made by chef Martim Fevereiro.

We don’t expect you to dress properly (whatever that means) or to behave a certain way. As long as you feel comfortable we will be happy for you.

SCHEDULE: We are open subject to booking, group lunches and dinner, or other events. We are always embracing new ideas and sugestions, so you are always welcome to write or call us. Let’s create something together! Do you have any other idea on mind? Let us know…

We can’t wait to welcome you!


+351 911723321

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