Lost Lisbon

Lost Lisbon is a community that shares a network of houses in Lisbon, dedicated to the promotion of events, exploring the city´s culture and lifestyle, while revealing the best kept secrets.

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Sintra :: House

Eugaria Country House by Lost Lisbon is located in Sintra, 6 km from the centre of the famous village.

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Cais :: House

Lost Lisbon Cais House is located in Lisbon historical centre by Tagus river in Cais Sodré.

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Chiado :: House

Lost Lisbon Chiado House is located in one of the most prestigious and sophisticated neighbourhoods in Lisbon.




Copass growed from a need, not just an idea: coworking on-the-go. To be able to be there, anywhere. T1 Arroios


Productions at Lost Lisbon :: Cais House, Lost Lisbon :: Chiado House & Lost Collective different spaces. T1 Arroios


Once upon a time a non restaurant and a non hotel meet up in a cozy space where anyone can feel at home. T1 Arroios